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C - Constitutional
O - Oath Keeper
P - Professional    

E - Ethical

The county sheriff is supposed to be a non-partisan position. Non-partisan means political party affiliation should be irrelevant both to the sheriff and the voters. What the citizen believes in should not matter to the sheriff and the sheriff's personal beliefs should be of no consequence to the voter. As an Independent, I feel that I can better serve the citizens of Apache county by not having to operate within the expectations of either of the two major parties.


If the citizens vote for a sheriff strictly on the basis of a (D) or an (R)  after their name, they need to educate themselves on how the political process was designed to work. Vote for the individual, not the party!


The sheriff's responsibility is to protect the rights of the citizens and visitors in his or her county, to fairly and reasonably enforce the law and to make themselves personally available to the citizens on a regular basis.  If your sheriff is not consistently doing these things, you have chosen the wrong sheriff.

--Cope Reynolds



In a nutshell, the answer to that question can be found by looking no further than the Constitutions of the United States and of the state of Arizona but here's the full story...


When an elected official takes the Oath of Office, that individual enters into a covenant with his or her constituents and promises to abide by the restrictions and guidelines set forth by those documents. One is being deceptive and disingenuous if they enter into that covenant without having read and understood those documents.

I have taken the oath two other times, both in the service of my country. I have not and will not take the oath simply because it is what is expected of me or to fulfill the requirements of a job. I will take the oath again because I believe in the Constitution. I have read it and I understand it, I love it and I love this country. I want to do my part once again to defend and uphold the Constitution and the way of life that the Founders intended for us.

I believe the U.S. Constitution and other founding documents were divinely inspired. I believe inspired men and women were placed on this earth at the right time and place just for that purpose. Even if one doesn't prescribe to those beliefs, it is hard to argue that our founding documents are not the best and most complete of any nation on earth. While I do support and will defend the entire U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, as they were originally intended, there are a few things that I am particularly passionate about...


I am vehemently pro-2nd amendment. Your right to bear arms in defense of yourself, your family, the State of Arizona and this Country shall not be infringed upon. Period.


I am undeniably, unapologetically pro-life.


I am pro-individual liberty. Generally speaking, if you are not harming anyone else or infringing upon their freedom, you should be free to do as you please.


I am pro-religious freedom. I believe that every individual should be allowed to worship according to the dictates of their own conscience by worshiping how, where and what they may, providing it does not harm or infringe upon the freedom of others. On this note, know that all of my decisions concerning the operation of the sheriff's office and the safety of the citizens of Apache county and my deputies will be prayerfully considered.


As stated in the 5th amendment, I believe that no person should be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process being afforded.


It will be my duty as your sheriff to ensure that these rights and principles are safeguarded to the best of my ability.


It will be my duty as your sheriff to act as a buffer between the citizens of Apache county and the federal government.


In my world, a handshake still means something. It is a bond and should never be disrespected or trivialized. When you shake someone's hand in agreement, you have entered into a personal contract with that individual and should stand by your word just as if you had signed a binding, legal document.

With that in mind, I am offering my digital handshake to the citizens of Apache county and pledging that all of the above is my creed, not only for the duration of my time in office but in my everyday life.

If you want to see positive change in your Sheriff's office, I humbly ask for your vote in November of 2024.


At the risk of sounding slightly redundant, I pledge the following to the people of Apache county.


This list will stay on this page until after the election as a constant reminder. After the election, they will be transferred to the official ACSO website.

During my term as your sheriff...


       1. I will be physically present in my office, or performing my official duties elsewhere in the county, every work day.  I will not be an absentee sheriff!


       2. If I am in my office and available, my door will be open to you.


       3. I will schedule a meeting in a different community each month to meet with you personally so you can look me in the eye and tell me your concerns.


       4. My duty as your sheriff is to enforce the law fairly and equally and to protect the natural rights of every person in this county.

       5. I will act as a buffer between the citizens of Apache county and the Federal government.

       6. I will not support or enforce ANY attempt to infringe upon your 2nd amendment rights!


       7. I will immediately create a task force whose primary responsibility will be to combat the abduction, abuse and wholesale trafficking of women and children that is so rampant in our county, especially among the Native American people. In a combined effort with tribal, state and federal agencies and YOU, my goal will be to eradicate this travesty from our county.



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