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The 2024 campaign will be a very difficult campaign financially and your support and generosity will be deeply appreciated! Yes, it's still a long ways out but I need to be aggressive in getting my message out. Aggressiveness costs money. Please help me finance this run!

*** Please remember a few things concerning your donations! ***

1. Your donations are tax deductible.

2.  I cannot touch these funds personally and every penny MUST be accounted for by law!

3. Running for political office is not cheap if one expects win. There are many expenses that your donations help pay for. Some items and activities that MUST be provided to help inform and educate people are: signs, banners, cards, promotional items, travel and lodging expenses, office supplies, etc. 

Here are some ways to donate to my campaign...

(At the current time, I can only accept donations in person or by mailing a check or money order. That will change in a couple of months.)



You can send check or money order to:                 

Cope For Sheriff

POB 135

Vernon, AZ 85940


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