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To Whom It May Concern,                  September 14, 2023

It is with unreserved enthusiasm that I endorse Mr. Cope Reynolds for the esteemed role of Apache County Sheriff. Having been acquainted with Cope for numerous years, I am in a unique position to vouch for his exceptional qualifications and steadfast commitment to public service. During my time as a State Representative and throughout my campaign events,
Cope's role was nothing short of pivotal. His expertise in providing a secure environment made all the difference in ensuring that each gathering was safe and that every individual could focus on the issues at hand. His meticulous planning, eye for detail, and resolute focus on security were truly extraordinary and instilled in me the utmost confidence in his capabilities. What elevates Cope above his peers is his intense admiration for the United States and his deep-rooted understanding of the Constitution. His commitment to safeguarding the freedoms and values that define our nation is second to none. His undying dedication to defending the rights of every citizen speaks volumes about his character. Even more noteworthy is Cope’s genuine care and compassion, guided by his faith and values. During the daunting times of the Covid-19 pandemic, his altruism shone brightly. Realizing the acute challenges facing residents of the Navajo Nation, Cope spearheaded initiatives to distribute essential resources. His efforts to personally deliver necessities such as food, water, and medical supplies were a lifeline to countless individuals in desperate need. In addition to his excellent skills in leadership, Cope's unparalleled work ethic stands as a testament to his readiness for the role of Apache County Sheriff. His innate ability to rally people around a common cause, as well as his exceptional problem-solving skills, render him the optimal candidate for this crucial responsibility. Without any reservations, I wholeheartedly endorse Cope Reynolds for the position of Apache County Sheriff. His potential for leading with unswerving integrity, impartiality, and compassion is truly commendable. Should you require further testimony regarding Cope’s outstanding qualities and qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Walt Blackman

Walt Blackman
Former Arizona State Representative

To Whom it May Concern:


"As the former elected Sheriff of Apache County, I have gotten to know Cope Reynolds quite well over the past several years. He has discussed with me at length, his ideas and desire to be part of the solution as Apache County Sheriff and return to the people, the service and integrity they deserve. 


I agree with his stated goals and believe him to be a man of his word. I, therefore, endorse his candidacy and wish him the best of luck."


Arthur Lee

 Art Lee

Former Apache County Sheriff

To Whom it May Concern:

"I want to proudly and personally endorse the candidacy of my friend Cope Reynolds for Apache County Sheriff. Cope is an honest man and a principled patriot. He's knowledgeable about the proper role of government and he holds the oath of office to support the Constitution to be a sacred Trust. Cope understands that his major, and in fact his only main purpose is to protect the rights of American citizens. He knows that his only boss is those citizens in his county who elect him.


 I urge everyone in Apache County to have confidence that your vote will secure the best man for the office of County Sheriff. It will ensure equal treatment for all regardless of status in life. So please encourage your neighbors to vote for him, and if possible please donate to help him be elected. "


In Liberty,

Rick Dalton

Rick Dalton

*Retired Mesa PD Officer

*National Legislative Liaison - Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Association.

To the Citizens of Apache County,

I am pleased to endorse Cope Reynolds for Apache County, AZ Sheriff.
I have known Cope for many years and find him to be a patriot and a man of his word. If Cope says a hog weighs five pounds, you can wrap it up!

Some may not realize the special powers and authority afforded to a county sheriff.

Cope, a veteran, has the best interests of his community and nation in mind.

In this day and age when morality is on the decline and good appears evil and evil appears good, we need a leader like Cope to protect the rights and freedoms that are being taken from us. There is no doubt that most everyone has seen what is happening in society or perhaps been a victim and knows how it feels. Cope will see that no stone is left unturned in investigations and will work with the courts to ensure justice.

Please don't miss this opportunity to vote for a good man, who will hold criminals accountable. Cope will stand up for what is right and will stand up for you. Let's stand with him!

When you hear "God, family, country" think of Cope. That slogan rings true to this candidate. For good old-fashioned law enforcement with an innovative twist, vote Cope for Sheriff.

Kind Regards,

Gary McDaniel
-Career Law Enforcement Officer, Ret.
-Former Magistrate Judge, San Juan County, NM.

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"To The Voters of Apache County,

Apache County citizens will be highly blessed when they elect Cope Reynolds to be their sheriff. Cope's understanding of the correct role of government and the need to protect our  inalienable rights will be the focus of his service. He is a man of honor and integrity and I highly endorse him as a candidate for the office of sheriff."

Former AZ Senator Sylvia Allen

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